ICP Global is an Australian family run business with over 30 years of experience in providing a comprehensive range of high quality print related products specifically for radiologists. We understand the importance of consistency and quality, offering structured and on-time deliveries. You will never run out of stock with our specialised proactive stock reporting program. We can provide all your corporate documents and marketing collateral,  from design to print and can store and ship directly from our premises.

No storage space for bulky goods and heavy items

Boxes falling 3.png

Does your facility/office have a lack of sufficient storage space for large bulky print items, such  boxes of medical forms?

Did you know that at ICP Global we have the warehouse capacity to take care of all your print storage needs.

No capacity to receive delivery of large bulky print items

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Do you struggle to receive delivery of larger print orders during your busy day? 

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At ICP Global, we offer delivery options such as shipping smaller amounts as often as you need them.

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Delays in production and delivery orders

Are you experiencing production and delivery delays with your orders? 

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We use a global scheduling program that ensures that you will have no back orders or waiting times, so you never run out of stock.

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Inability to properly monitor quantities and usage

How many forms do you have in stock currently? 

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Let ICP Global help you fix your computerised stock control system issues with our global scheduling program.

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